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Uploading Documents

To upload documents to a patient's record:

  1. Sign into the OpenEMR web application

  2. From the Navigation bar/menu, select Patient/Client > Patients.

  3. Within the Patient Finder, identify and select the patient's full name.

  4. Within the Patient Summary, select Documents just under the Patient's name.

  5. Within the Documents page, select the appropriate document category for the file(s) you wish to upload.

  6. Select Choose Files to select one or multiple files that are located on your computer.

  7. Select Upload to save the file to the patient's record.

  8. Once the file(s) has been uploaded, an Upload Report will be generated at the bottom of the page, confirming the file has been uploaded successfully.

  9. To view the uploaded file(s), select the plus sign next of the appropriate document category to expand the list of files in that category. Select the name of the file to view it.


When viewing a file you can attach a note to the file, associate it with a particular issue, move it to a different category or patient, and various other options by selecting the document Properties, just under the document title.

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