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Creating an OpenEMR system backup

This guide describes the steps to create and download a full system backup.

The OpenEMR application provides a simple method to backup your data through the web interface.

The resulting backup can be used to export your raw data set (archive of web directory and database) that can be restored to a new OpenEMR installation.


Restoral is a manual process which requires a relatively low to moderate level of configuration at the OS/filesystem level.


  1. Logon to OpenEMR
  2. Navigate to Administration > System > Backup
  3. Click the Create Backup button
  4. Save the resulting emr_backup.tar file


Rename the file to a meaningful name. An example would be to include the date in the filename (emr_backup-YYY-MM-DD.tar).


The resulting backup file contains all of the data records from your database and any uploaded patient documents. It's handling is subject to any applicable HIPAA or other regulatory guidelines.

Backing Up Using the Built In Tools

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