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Create a New Patient (Client)

To create a new patient/client:

  1. Sign into the OpenEMR web application

  2. From the Navigation bar/menu, select Patient/Client > New/Search.

  3. At the Search or Add Patient page enter:

    • the patient's name
    • their date of birth
    • their sex
    • (optional) External ID


    If you have an existing chart (paper or electronic record set) for this patient, you may enter that chart number within "External ID".
    If you do not have an existing chart, the system will automatically assign an ID that is equal to OpenEMR's internal patient ID for this new patient.


    Additional fields can be included at patient creation by selecting the check box for the desired sections below the "Who" section (e.g., Contact, Choices, Employer, etc.)

  4. Click Create New Patient > Confirm Create New Patient

  5. To add additional information for the newly created (or existing) patient, at the Patient Summary page, click Edit next to the desired section, enter information into the desired field(s), and click Save.

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